Sons of Leroy

Americana, Classic Country and Rock

About Us

A once in a generation music experiment began in 2021 out of pure, raw Covid boredom. Scott and Adam Wesner, father and son, began recording their master piece virtual album while collaborating with people across the world from California to England. In a desire to take the show on the road, the duo reached out to famed drummer Erik Sturgeon to hold down that rock hard beat. The missing piece, Bob Mueller came on board with the bass summer of 2023 and the boys have been rocking since. The quartet covers anything from CCR, Buck Owens, and Merle Haggard to the Grateful Dead and The Doors. Staying true to their roots, originals are tossed in to surely get the crowd going! The group is based out of South East Wisconsin.

Phone: 262-949-0709